Throwback Thursday Stories: A Nicely Aged Blueberry Pie

This is from the early days, the wild days, the scary days of camp. When we shot feral cats in the basement, tracked bloodthirsty raccoons, avoided tetanus at every step, and just in general worked long hours to transform it from junky farm to usable camp.

Only a brave person would open the overwintered fridge for the first time. I found leftover pop, salad dressing, and half a blueberry pie. Yum? What should scare you is that it looked good. No mold, nothing visibly wrong with it, except that it was six months old. So we took this goofy picture of me pretending to pour animal medicine over it.fridgetimeBETTER

Side notes: 1) The original picket fence is visible, we made it from scrap wood. 2) This room is now clean looking, drywalled, nice door and floors. At the time I wouldn’t have envisioned that outcome because there was so much else to be done! 3) We didn’t eat the pie, but I know for a fact we did eat many other questionable leftovers in those days. 4) The staff went through that stash of pop all summer, slowly becoming accustomed to flat Dr. Pepper. Then one day Autumn and I went to a baseball game and got Dr. Pepper there.. and were shocked at the carbonation! It was amazing.


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