monday gifts


Thankful for… 

a lovely 3rd year of (in)RL, an online & local women’s conference put on by incourage. My friend Erin & I co-hosted a meetup this year. Hosting by myself last year was fun & worth it but I have to say I highly recommend doing it together!


a beautiful bridal shower for Anna! Yes I was busy this weekend, and yes I continued my trend of co-hosting, this time with Jill. We had so much fun putting it all together and bouncing ideas off each other!


friends, stories, encouragement. We need each other.

that God cares for me, small aches & big wounds alike.


interesting.. floral.. choices.

getting a thumbs-up for a good job parallel parking, from a random passer-by dude with dreads. Sometimes I take life too seriously and something like that, well it just makes me laugh and lighten up!


dessert first, dinner later. Val & I split the tiniest amount of pistachio ice cream and a cupcake, which is just how we roll!

keeping this list. I do this fun picture and highlights version on Mondays, but the nitty gritty daily stuff goes into my notebook and keeps me sane. When I’m stressed, worried and hurried, I sit myself down and fill out a page, thinking of God’s gifts in my life and writing them down. For over three years now it’s been helping me so much, changing my heart to be more trusting & thankful, and I really recommend it!


2 thoughts on “monday gifts

    • Thank you Holly! You’re so kind! Yes I am very blessed. Hope your community continues to deepen & grow after inRL!

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