Throwback Thursday Stories: Best Vacation

We went on many trips when I was growing up: camping, visiting family, going to things. This is one I’d classify as an actual vacation, a few days spent in Estes Park the summer we moved to Colorado. I remember two things: we stayed in a hotel with a pool and we walked to get ice cream cones every single day. It was amazing!

This was when I was in a “growing out my bangs” phase, Joe had a summer buzz, Eli had a bowl cut, and Dad was just being an early-90’s version of himself.




Throwback Thursday Stories

4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday Stories: Best Vacation

  1. There’s nothing better than ice cream every day! I love how your dad is holding two cones. I assume one belongs to mom/photographer? Have a great #tbt!

    • Agreed! 🙂 And yes, you deduced correctly, that was my mom’s ice cream! And my youngest brother was strapped on her back, he was still a baby so he left out of the ice cream fun. Thanks for the comment! I’m enjoying the #tbt fun 🙂 Frances

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