Throwback Thursday Stories

I like pictures, and I like stories! That’s why I’m linking up with Jessica today for “tbt stories” where we share an old photo & a few words about what’s going on in the picture. That is, if there are even words to describe it:


This is me and my brothers. It was a summer night several years ago and we did one of our favorite things, which is make a fire and have smores & rootbeer. That’s a great thing about living in the country, you get very bored and have to figure out ways to make your own fun!

After a while I put on Eli’s hat and we started taking goofy, attractive pictures of ourselves. This was also a night that we burned certain other things for fun, but I can’t go into too much detail because my father reads this blog and he is the owner of a vehicle that may or may not have been too close to the action.

Throwback Thursday Stories

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