Hanna’s woodland baby shower

When we learned that our friend/old roommate (we really need a better term for that) Hanna was expecting, Val and I made a pact that we would throw her the “cutest baby shower ever.” I think we came close!
Anna made that little Hobbes. So perfect!
Val of course is a genius in the kitchen. We had two kinds of cupcakes, coconut marshmallows, a cheese ball that looked like a pinecone people!!, pistachio pudding, “toadstools” that were really cherry tomatoes with string cheese, etc. etc. etc.

The marshmallow topping was very melty. We were saved by Anna walking in early and being the sort of person one can just shove tomatoes & string cheese at and say “TOADSTOOLS” and she will run with it. The kitchen was a crazy mess. And I really disliked how my pinecone garland turned out. But whatever.. it was worth it!pinecone1
We waffled back and forth on the idea of getting onesies and decorating them. I’m so glad we went with it! Not everyone could stay, but those who did had a relaxed, crafty time. And the results were amazing if you ask me!




We take our craft times very seriously.


We went around the room and each shared a quality or characteristic about Hanna that will make her a great mom- this was a special time of encouragement!

For another game, I enhanced the forest-ness and difficulty level of my “come up with what the baby version of this animal is called” game, perhaps making it TOO difficult. Oh well. Wikipedia has a list of animals + baby terms if you ever want to educate yourself or make a similar game.
It was a lovely afternoon, that turned into a few friends staying to help clean up (and to eat the remaining pistachio pudding), that turned into a let’s hang out tonight TOO because when you have good friends, Saturdays are never long enough.


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