3.25.13: day in the life of a caregiver


I decided to keep track of one day last year, just for fun. Then I forgot about it until now. It was mostly for me to look back on later, but maybe you’ll enjoy a peak into my life as a caregiver! I go to Walgreens twice, I eat a strange assortment of food, and not much goes as planned. I feel heroic in small things and overwhelmed in others which is typical.

7:45 get up. Yes I slept in. It was a busy weekend and Sunday night was the last night my cousin and her fam were in town so I was up late.

8:15 realize I haven’t really done… anything.

8:20 barely get ready for the day, in favor of eating half a piece of leftover french toast and having some orange juice. I don’t need to look good because I just clean this morning, and I’ll have time later to change, put gas in my car, and eat lunch. Or so I thought… 

8:35 sweep the snow off my car with a broom. Is that strange? I always do that.

8:40 drive. On the radio: Otis 12’s voice, which makes the day a good day, Chopin Piano Concerto No. 2 in F Minor, and Writer’s Almanac where I learn about how Flannery O’Connor trained a chicken to walk backwards when she was little. Knowledge that will come in handy later today! Just kidding.


9:00 arrive, clean, make the beds, do laundry… doing laundry for my elderly folks is one of my favorite things. It’s precious.

11:00 realize that I’ll be staying later than scheduled due to circumstances making it better and necessary if I stay.

12:15 get talked into eating a drumstick from a rotisserie chicken, some oddly flavored store brand triscuits, and two gingersnaps from the dollar store.

1:20 leave. Go home real quick. Change shoes. Leave again.

[no time to get gas. not good.]


2:00 next shift. This was one of those ones where the needs and plans conflicted with the reality that this shift was only three hours long. So I ran around like a crazy person, to Walgreens and Bag N Save and the ear specialist. In Walgreens I zip right to the location of the Centrum Silver, the Glucosamine, the Depends, the Loreal lipstick #752 (which someone wrote on the list as 725, probably the kinda dyslexic one, me). This is not my first rodeo!

5:25 actually find my way out of the large independent living place and leave. Go immediately to the gas station. Yay! Also my phone is dying. And I realize I have this headache and the energy of a limp noodle and so I go home.

5:45 eat a really strange meal of orange foods- leftover sweet potato soup from my aunt, more orange juice, peach yogurt. Give my roommate Kathy some fashion advice that she really shouldn’t have needed to hear from me: “No, you shouldn’t wear black socks with brown shoes.”

6:15 put my winter coat back on and head back out. This makes Walgreens stop #2 of my day. I pick up a prescription and drive and drive and take it to my poor sick elderly couple from this morning. Why do I do this? Because I love them, and for me, helping someone is my favorite.


6:45 find myself eating more rotisserie chicken and cookies, because I can’t say no, and sitting and talking about childhood memories, etc. It is fun and comforting. Especially talking about ways we used to get into trouble! We all tell stories we’ve already told before but who cares.

7:20 drive home for the last time. Smile because hearing things like, “As the kids say, ‘hang in there'” and “go straight home” from a cute old man or “you made me feel better” from a cute old woman is so highly rewarding.

7:45 & on: take out trash. PJ’s on. (Not necessarily in that order.) Eat some leftover champ made by my cousin Kristin, and it is delicious. Kathy and I watch some West Wing and talk and wind down. Then I read & go to bed- obviously, all that running around today wore me out!

The End.


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