questions of color


Why have a brown door when you can have a purple door?
Why have a white classroom when you can have a lime green and yellow one?

That’s one thing I always enjoy about being in Jamaica- all the different, bold colors. And not just in the places everyone sees, but in tucked away classrooms, storage rooms, sheds. Why not?

When I was a teenager and we remodeled our farmhouse. My violin teacher Miss Linda went through all this trouble painting my closet the same light buttery yellow as my room, just because she knew I’d enjoy it.

My lifelong best friend’s mom painted their farmhouse a vivid light aqua. My mom thought it was the ugliest thing! And against the light browns, dark browns, brownish greens, and light blues of northeast Colorado… yes it is a bit shocking. But transplant that house to any street in Montego Bay, and it would be just another normal, boring, brightly colored home.

(I’m in Jamaica this week for Bible Quiz Nationals! Thanks for praying!!) 


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