monday gifts


Thankful for…

every last bit scraped clean. You know it was good delicious flavor, good friends, good episode of psych, good coffee.

new books.

another awesome baby shower! And the way we seem to get beautiful sunny days every time.


how Val and I make a great team! She bakes, I decorate, we help each other out and bounce ideas around, we shop, we pinterest, I listen to her verbally process and I taste test things. She has a list of 50 dessert items to make and asks me “what else we could do”, I am the practical one who wants to simplify things a bit. We don’t even need to wait until the other person has finished a question to answer it, and we can basically read each other’s minds and hand gestures. Ever since we found out our dear friend Hanna was expecting, we have wanted to go all out and make it the “cutest baby shower ever” and I think we did. 🙂 And it was a blast!

how the baby shower started at 2, and at 8 p.m. there were still four of us at the house, slowly cleaning up (every inch of our kitchen was coated with flour, coconut, sugar, chocolate, & heaps of dirty bowls and cookie sheets), having long extended conversations, and multiple rounds of leftovers. That is friendship.

cozy nights hot gluing things.


reviewing Romans 8 for Friday memory group. It’s still in my brain, yeah!

the craziness of 5 year olds. I left church in a daze. Yikes.

that I can always pray about anything.

creative moments of brilliance.

phone chats and emails and prayers prepping for Bible Quiz nationals in Jamaica!


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