Christmas gifts


Thankful for… 

a good Christmas with my crazy family.

Julotta (code for, wretchedly early traditional Swedish Christmas morning service). It is so dark and so cold and did I mention early. But it is wonderful and the people there are so special to me and there is delicious food afterwards.

J, Joe, Crystal, Eli. I kinda love them.


the meteor, centered perfectly in the windshield on the last miles before home, that actually scared Jacob and I because it was so bright and slow. It really “star”tled us. (Get it? Shooting star?) 

2,400 ish miles of driving back and forth across Nebraska, between Thanksgiving and after Christmas. Yikes. But worth it. A lot of safe travels and clear roads so I’m thankful.

Dailey sunsets, they never get old.


a fun week when my brother visited me!

the things I completely spaced off and/or was late to in December.


how hard everyone laughed when Joe read from the quotes section of a scrapbook I’m working on.

the treasure hunt Dad made for us to find our Christmas cash. It was so cryptic, but also fun.


so many games. I lost way too many times. But Dad lets me win each and every word game we play so that helps, thanks Dad! 🙂


getting to see cowboy brother’s new place.

Mr. Norm playing “Silent Night in Hawaii” on the organ at Julotta, complete with a soundtrack of chirping birds and ocean waves. It was probably the best thing.

when two of my brothers danced in the kitchen to the Pokemon theme song. That was also a best thing.


that my Christmas was not picture perfect. If you were searching for an awesome beautiful celebration to crash, you would take one look, then run. But Jesus came to be “God with us”, and He came to a stable actually. I know He isn’t scared off by my family, He’s drawn to our mess and brokenness. He loves us, and I’m so thankful for that.

and I’m thankful for the gift of hope. Wishing you lots in this new year!


“…set your hope fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed.” (1 Peter 1:13b)


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