monday gifts


Thankful for… 

mosquito bites under tall warm socks cause it’s freezing outside, a suitcase full of dirty clothes, a pile of coats and scarves and a beach towel – the confusion of life currently.

a big Christmas tree in downtown Montego Bay, it was just fun to see.

being still on Jamaican time/schedule so I was up to see an awesome NE Colorado sunrise.


my brother visiting this week!

safe and smooth drives and flights. (Yes, I-80 and I spent another 13 hours together.)

all the amazing people who helped me go and prayed with me before I left and prayed for me while I was there. I’ve been overwhelmed by all that, in a good way!

homes for the holidays, a progressive dinner type thing my church puts on. So much good food and lots of fun! Picture for yourself: a cheese house, a bread and soup house, a cookie house, and each of them about as good as they could possibly be.


my amazing origami pineapple ornament, handmade by Anna. Yeah, wow! And she gave it to me just in time for watching the Psych musical on tv! Bonus: Gus did his “Jamaican Inspector” number which was timely for me. I love the silliness of that show.


seeing Iron Chef Zakarian in the airport (he’s also a judge on Chopped). I was totally chill about it but I may have left bruises on Kalyn’s arm from punching her in the excitement of recognition. Val and I were 50% cheering for him to be the next iron chef, way back when.


my traveling buddy Kalyn. We had a lot of fun together. Including getting up early to eat hardo bread toast with guava jam (yummm) on the beach. And taking a picture of ourselves doing so and smiling our dopiest morning smiles. Ha! We are dorks.


Quiet time when I’m reading this book. It’s been a nice constant to read it (almost) every day wherever I am!



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