I think I left most of my brain in Lexington or Cozad or Gothenburg or Big Springs or York or the 2nd North Platte exit or Ogallala or someplace. Sigh. 

Approximately 5 hours into the drive on my way back after Thanksgiving, I had this conversational thought exchange with myself: 

Me: “Well that’s the last of the Dr. Pepper.” 

Me: “Sad.” 

Me: “Maybe I’ll have a daughter who grows up to be a librarian.” 

And I envisioned it, and she was awesome and the coolest librarian ever, and I was glowing with pride.

* Too Much Interstate 80.


8 thoughts on “TMI-80*

    • Haha! Then you understand! 🙂 Thank you!! And keep them coming because I drive back across the state THIS weekend, too! 😛 Hope you’re staying warm this week.. yikes!

    • I know… scary, sometimes! I’m used to myself though. Which is probably a bad thing. 🙂

      Merry Christmas!! 🙂 ~Frances

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