fall + family + farm

In October, some of my extended family came together at a fall festival my aunt & uncle host every year at their farm. There was music, homemade cider & cookies. It was a beautiful day. And I got some special pictures I think. They do not cover the whole story, how a family has hard & cracked places. How complicated real-life relationships are. How disappointment can ache. How years go by and time does not heal.

But the hard & cracked places do not tell the whole story, either- and I see hints of grace at work.

2013-10-13_14-34-58_204 2013-10-13_14-45-28_9202013-10-13_15-12-28_4222013-10-13_15-09-09_421 2013-10-13_15-09-17_714 2013-10-13_17-00-52_1992013-10-13_15-13-39_2502013-10-13_15-13-17_5322013-10-13_15-18-07_9332013-10-13_15-16-18_6102013-10-13_15-24-53_4642013-10-13_15-30-52_2372013-10-13_15-25-43_9022013-10-13_15-39-28_1002013-10-13_17-22-38_448


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