monday gifts (tuesday-style)


Thankful for… 

4 years of caregiving! Two words to describe it so far: “hard” and “wonderful”. Specifically I’m thankful that I’m not burnt out. I am still challenged & interested & learning. I smile when talking about my clients which I think is a good sign.

a long Saturday morning friend chat, coffee & cinnamon roll included.


when cute friends are about to become awesome moms & we have baby showers for them.

the hard situations of life.

talking about Jesus & Isaiah 53 at 6 a.m. Friday morning with Hanner and Julie. That makes me sound like a super spiritual person, not to mention a morning person, sorry to mislead you. All I mean is it must be pretty wonderful or I would not be out of my house at that hour.

and Fridays, mid-afternoon usually, when I stare blankly ahead, swamped by random emotions and thoughts like: “life is sooo amazing” “life is way too hard” “I can’t” “what day is it?” “why does it feel like I’ve been up for 10 hours?” “oh because I have” etc. etc.


the smell of banana bread in the oven on a cold rainy night.

hearing Brian Regan tell his funny jokes in real life.


that I don’t have a private plane to transport me back and forth across Nebraska. (I think I could learn to be content in that situation, though, given the chance.)

crazy games of cards & Thor 2 & ice cream with my cousins. 

November bonfire & chili & smores.


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