31 Apples for Frances

applesblog4So in October, I decided not to do a “31 days” series like I have before. They are lots of fun but also lots of work and I was not feeling it. I enjoyed just reading my favorite blogs that did cool 31 days topics. applesblog1
I still wanted to do some sort of random project though. The last few days of September, I had been consistently eating an apple for a snack. The most amazing little apples, they were like candy! Which gave me the idea to eat an apple every day in October, and take a picture.  
“So… you’ll have 31 pictures of apples?” asked my roommate, bless her heart. (Ohhh Kathy!) Technically, yes, she’s right, that is my final product.
But I wanted to do something creative & nonsensical & just for the fun of it. I think I ended up with a pretty neat record of my October, which I am going to make into a little book because that is what I do.  applesblog3
applesblog5 applesblog6I drove a lot, I peeled, I baked, I got a bag of free apples, I snacked. I made 3 batches of crock pot applesauce. I thought of Ariadne Oliver. I threw one of my apple cores at a squirrel. I forgot about the apple picture until late some days. Plus I kept the doctor away, we can’t forget that.applesblog7
(Yes that is a duck dynasty bandaid.)
(Yes I’m finally linking up to in the studio again!!)
(The end.) 


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