call a sister

I was driving down a country highway, watching for the small cemetery, the brown sign, the two bridges, so I wouldn’t miss the turn. Mom, cousin and second cousin were passengers. My phone rings, it’s Buckshot (youngest brother) and I decide to just call him back later. He leaves a voicemail and calls back right away so this time it gets answered.

“Ah!! ….. [wind blowing] … [mumbled screaming] … ohmygoodness! …. [sections of words] … SNAKE! … [intense windyness] … [excited jibberish] … what should I do??! … [silence] …. [muffled hollering] …. [maniacal laughter] ….  [wind screeching] ….” 

Key words I heard: “snake” and “what should I do?

So here’s the advice I offered up: “Calm down. Just run away or something.”

If he’s got the time to call me and weigh his options, it’s obviously not a real emergency, okay? I’m his older sister, I can’t come across like I care too much. 😉

Plus I knew I could just check his facebook later and find out what happened:



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