birthday week 2013


How would I describe birthday week this year? casual. happy. hot. lots of eating out. also eating in. also desserts. funny cards. awesome gifts.1_20130825_131541
(for example.) 

How can a birthday include a giant slinky and NOT be a happy one? Impossible!2013-08-25_12-50-45_9882013-08-25_12-51-03_9572013-08-24_18-07-06_398

27 and happy about it.

Or… wait..

A dyslexia-friendly birthday cake? Hm. Anyway I can count on my Aunt Robyn to make something amazing and chocolate.

And then this is after I laughed out a candle, accidentally. Oops.
2013-08-25_20-19-46_911 2013-08-28_21-32-15_518

A night with the birthday week friends. Close friends, close birthdays! Han, Val and I are all odd-number ages this year and that is also something to celebrate.

I made chocolate molten lava cakes for Val on her birthday. She always cooks for me so it was fun to make something for her! Also we had french toast with macerated anti-berries and pluots (aka Val’s unfavorite strawberries, and something we had to google. No don’t go look it up yourself now, trust me, it’s confusing and more complicated than I can say). 


Anna seriously gives the best gifts! Giant slinky for me, apples and pencils and handmade paper boxes for Val, she knows us so well!

My brother Jacob writes the best facebook posts, I laughed so hard at this sentence: “You are the best sister because you care so unconditionally, and despite your medically concerning small stature, you have a heart the size of a hot air balloon.” (He’s just the messenger, as we siblings always say.)

2013-09-01_12-47-46_749It was a fun birthday week. The End. 


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