field notes from a caregiver

Work is so fun these days.

One of my ladies has a birthday this month too, so we’ve been doing extra little things like stopping for hot fudge sundaes (her favorite) or driving through neighborhoods to find big sunflowers and look at cool houses.

Last week I was in the car with another lady I help, on the way back from her hair appointment, waiting to turn left into her neighborhood. And waiting. And waiting. The traffic just kept coming. At the exact same moment, we both said “Busy, busy, busy!” which is a phrase I picked up from her and it cracked her up. 

We’ve been addicted to the card game “kings in the corner” so we play that and trash talk the entire time or act like we’re trying to help the other person win. She is so sassy and full of it! I can’t stop laughing sometimes.  


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