have I ‘gone Omaha’?

This “article” made me laugh a lot. Because at times I obsessively ponder over how living here (vs. in the rural area I’m from) has changed me, etc. etc. I don’t think it has, that much. For instance every few weeks I hit a point where I cannot stand it any more and I have to get out where I can have some breathing room! But sometimes I do go see movies after 9 p.m. Maybe I’m more citified than I thought.

“Let’s just say the glamour of city life has changed [Amy],” Linder said. “She’s definitely ‘gone Omaha,’ if you catch my drift.”

“she’s gotten a bit of an attitude since moving to the big city, like she’s superior or something.”

“Between the drugs and the crime and the street gangs, it’s almost as bad as Wichita.”

“I just don’t think I could put up with all that hub-bub for more than a day or two.”


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