for you, from 1995

Earlier this month when I was in Colorado, I went through some things in my old room. I found a planner from 1995-1996. It was probably an extra one belonging to an adult who must have passed it on to me. Thank goodness they did, because I was busy in those days and needed to keep everything straight.

Such as my daily goals: 

“January Sixten, 1996. Finish math. Do math. [Unfortunately I know exactly what this means. I didn’t finish my math lesson from January fiften.] Do school. Do everything else I need to do today!”

And long-term goals: 

“Make eskape to Washington, D.C. when geusts come- Friday night. Real stuff.”

And my to-do lists:

“August 10, 1995:

1) Be kind and gentl.
2) Do art.
3) Do eney-thing els.”

I also used it to keep track of my budget:

“5/20/96: Have: $6. Spent: $0. Have $6 left.”

With wisdom beyond my years, I included important family historical records:

“Morning: A plumbing man came. Mom made a list of school asinements. [I hope “spelling” was on the list.] Afernoon and super: We finished the lists and played. Then we got dressed up and went to the quiz banquet. We went to Cuddles*, too!”
[*Our neighbor’s dog.]

“August 10th. Mom is picking beans. Boys are playing with Jacob. Dad is hamering tomato stakes. We ate ‘the usual’ for lunch.” [I picked up sarcasm way before spelling.]  

And last but not least, I noted important dates: 

Which mostly meant writing all the family birthdays in my best handwriting and drawing a birthday cake under each one.

The nineties were stressful times, but I survived. With the help of my planner.


2 thoughts on “for you, from 1995

  1. Hi Frances, You have probably never guessed that a 75 year old Christian Lady from the Seattle WA area checks on your blog from time to time. I found a link to it on The reluctant Entertainer blog at the time you had 31 Days of Memorizing Scripture. I followed till your trip to Jamaica, then gradually stopped. Now and then I check to see whats going on and you were memorizing Romans 8- and so was I!
    After my husband died in 95 I became a caregiver for about 10 years. I worked for Home Instead and then was self employed for awhile. I marvel that a young person like yourself is willing to spend your time doing that. Perhaps so you can get the time off to go to Jamaica and your camp trip? Its a pretty lonely life, isn’t it? I pray for you sometimes and hope the Lord has a really special future for you. i got a real kick out of the story about your planner.

    • Dear Pat, Hi! Oh my goodness, thank you for your comment!! That totally made my day! Sorry it’s taken a while to reply, I’ve been out of town! I’m so glad you read my blog once in a while! And no, I never would have guessed! heheh! 😉

      Also, I’m excited that you were working on Romans 8.. are you still? I’m having good weeks of progress and bad weeks of letting time get away from me, but I’m about through verse 27! I’ll have to post an update on that one of these days! I love that chapter so much more than I ever have. It is awesome.

      Wow, honored to hear from a fellow caregiver. Only someone who has been a caregiver too truly “gets it.” Sometimes it does feel a bit lonely! So thank you. I so appreciate your prayers, too, that is so sweet of you. I started caregiving without intending to do it for long, I just wanted to try it out and see if I wanted to focus on working with the elderly. However, it has been such a great fit for me and despite the challenges, I’ve really loved it and have stuck with it! Also, yes, at this time it’s been important for me to be able to spend time w/ family, serve at camp, go to Jamaica, etc and the caregiving is flexible with that, so God has worked that out nicely.

      Anyways, I hope you’ll comment from time to time, I’d love to hear from you! 🙂 Thanks again!! ~Frances

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