july is


watching the sun slowly set.

staring at as much of the night sky as your eyes can manage, watching for the next shooting star.

a pheasant walking through the sprinkler in the yard.


dusty, golden, busy wheat harvest.

saying hello, saying goodbye.

sticky nights when the house is still hot.

mosquito bites.

reading & resting.


praying and saying the pledge right here many a morning.

driving in the car for hours.

prayers before lights out.


sitting on the front steps watching the empty street, maybe picking your nose a little if you’re a baby.

hamburgers made by Dad using Skold beef. 🙂

games of cards, mission impossible, counselor hunt, capture the flag, carpet ball, & Kubb. (No I did not know what that last one was either until this summer.)

going on walks with old friends.



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