monday gifts


Thankful for… 

a good morning at the farmers market.

my roommate who waters my plants when I’m gone and leaves milk in the fridge for me and is just all-around wonderful.


a day off where I did basically nothing except finish my book.

the interstate. Though I am so tired of driving on it.

seeing what the cronut hype is all about.


a fun night at Shakespeare on the Green.

my cousins, they are growing up so fast!


that pity party I had for myself. Oh my goodness.

being a caregiver.

Romans 8. I said the first 14 verses at 6:15 a.m. on Friday with only one help. That should tell you that anything is possible!! Ha. This chapter is an amazing one to be able to say aloud from memory.


This incourage post.

when I remembered exactly where a random constellation was that I found on my own last summer at camp.

Hailey and Crystal, two godly women I get to be related to who encouraged me this week.

that pie, which was so much better after the second time I baked it. Sigh.

bitter losses to Jonathan at the windmill game. And the part where he said, “I feel much better now!” then feel back asleep for two more hours with his face mashed against the seatbelt. haha. I miss my youngest brother being that age!

life and peace, from a mind set on the Spirit.



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