monday gifts


Thankful for…

another great week at Camp Machasay, where the light is so beautiful and the campers are so fun and we get to learn more about Jesus together.

still being in that post-camp mode where I just want to stare at the wall for like, minutes or hours at a time. That’s all I want to do really.


what was maybe The Best Night of Summer 2013. Canyon, brothers, perfect weather, crazy sunset, fire, the smell of cedar, stars, wild lightening show off in the distance, funny moments, serious conversations, no ticks, no snakes, no sibling grumpiness (which is not allllways the case!). I mean it was just a very good night. Oh and we got ice cream after, so, yeah.


brotherly company for the drive back to Omaha. (Delivered Val’s brother to her for a visit.) I believe last summer after the same trip with the same brother I said I’d had my first and final doritos locos taco. I was wrong. 🙂 Actually it was pretty yummy.

the part where I allowed a 14 yr old boy to have both a mountain dew and a frappucino. I must like to live life on the edge! “I’m having a sugar party in my neck!” -direct quote.


having all 3 brothers and myself together for a few days. We managed to come up with a few ridiculous things to do together as you can see! Ha! I’m sure I’ll share more about this one later.

the after-camp shower and the after-camp nap. I feel pretty confident in saying that no fancy spa treatment can compare to how awesome these feel. Cause at a spa you pay for it but as a camp counselor, you earn it. Plus you really need it. Believe me.

there is a lot more to be thankful for but for now I need to get back to wall-staring!


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