Morning routine

May 27, 2008

Turn on the lights in the fellowship hall. Kill a few flies. Clean out the coffee pot. Fill it up and turn it on. Put away the dishes I did last night. Turn on some music. Turn on the heater cause it’s cold today.

Here in a bit I’ll put on a “Cookin with the Z-Bros” apron (donated by Mr. Craig! He’s the BEST BBQ cook in Texas, or in the world for that matter) and help Autumn rustle up BISCUITS AND GRAVY for Shane’s group. They always stay the night on the way back from their missions trip to Wyoming every year. Last year, they got 2 flat tires, and so were really late getting in… I remember Autumn and I drinking coffee trying to stay awake till they got here. I read about 20 old Bowhunter magazines that night while she did work on the computer.

Anyway- this is my favorite kind of morning at camp.

(Changes since I wrote this: I am not as enthusiastic so I don’t use all caps, no more camp times w/ my good buddy Autumn, and most mornings the coffee conveniently is already made.)

(Things that haven’t changed: my love for biscuits n gravy, my love for a good dusty Bowhunter mag, me using the Z-Bros apron.) 


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