summer times at camp


Week one of camp: done! It tired me out more than it should have, but I had a ton of fun with my 3rd and 4th grade girls. 

The sounds I heard the most: giggling and screaming. 🙂
The toughest time: bedtime. Usually lights out goes pretty well for me, but not so this week. Wow is all I can say.
The sweetest moments: when they’d pause from craziness to pray the most adorable prayers before bed and thank God for their “awesome fun counselor.” It was hard to be frustrated with them after that.
The funniest joke: one of my campers had these trademark ways of pushing the tire swing: “The Turbo” which came in daddy, mommy and baby sizes/speeds, “The Banana Split,” etc. Everyone wanted her to push them. She got worn out and kept saying, “Okay, one more push, but after this one I’m going to re-tire!” Aha, I think there is a reason she was in my cabin!
The best Bible story: David and Goliath. My dad was the speaker this week and it’s great to hear him tell some of the same stories he told my brothers and I when we were little. Most of the campers have heard the David and Goliath story tons of times, but the way Dad tells it, they are all holding their breath wondering what will happen when David puts the stone in the sling. It’s awesome. 
The best surprise: My allergies did not bother me one bit all week. It’s dry and dusty and windy like always but so far so good.
Favorite free time activity: Horses for sure. All the girls were all horse-crazy and I really enjoyed watching them become so confident with that.  

Monday brings a new batch of campers, 5-7th grade! I’m excited! Pray for me & the rest of the staff, we need energy!


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