“Back at camp”

Back at camp
May 17, 2008

Well I’ve been out at camp since Monday.
I’ve driven the golf cart across the field to do laundry,
I’ve hugged and petted the donkey,
I’ve used a lot of bleach,
and I’ve eaten chili cheese fritos, to name a few things-
so it definitely feels like I’m at camp!
We have a family camp this weekend, so I’m not a counselor or anything. We just provide the facilities to the church group that’s here (so lots of cleaning, serving smores, running here and there). At the last minute though we found out that our cook wasn’t coming! So, it’s kindof gonna be us girls + Miss Sonja who cook for 40ish people!
That should be exciting.
Actually, I’m not too worried.
I think it will be ok. 

(Reading the end, now, I think I was worried. Ha. I’m sure it was fine.)
(Changes since I wrote this: no donkey friend [yes I still weep sometimes], and I don’t do as much in the bleach/laundry world as I used to.) 


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