remembering summer gifts

I have a little yellow book, full cover to cover, July to August. Full of gifts from summer 2012.

Inside the front cover, it says, “In case of loss, please return to: Frances” and then “As a reward” after which I wrote “$10 (Jamaican)” cause I’m funny. Anyway…


A few of my top favorite gifts from last summer:

Kaylee thinks I was the “funnest councilor ever.”

Your always love for me.

Giant angry birds!

Little girls with day-two windblown hair, dust on their faces, a few mosquito bites, a bandaid somewhere, wearing shorts & cowboy boots.

Josilyn still has the note I wrote her after her mission impossible fence injury (like 5 yrs ago).

Stan. Katie.

Time away from screens.

Another night with some of the staff at camp, telling stories & playing cards & laughing.

Your love has washed away my sin.

That the locust was coming out of its shell right when we got there on our nature hike.

Chandlyr’s dimple.

Too much caffeine.

How kids thrive when they are loved, encouraged, and cared for.

Being accidentally called “mom.”

A little extra boost of strength and patience.

The young man who mailed my dad & Mr. Jack (councilor and speaker at camp) a card and $10 to thank them… how stinkin’ precious! Bless his heart.

A slow pace.

Being in a van full of teenagers singing Eye of the Tiger, International Harvester, Country Roads, and Adele.

Little girls bent over their Bibles, reading by the page.

That in Jesus and through faith in Jesus we may approach God with freedom and confidence.

Hard things, hurt heart, faith, struggles, big waves, a steady rock under me.

Helping roll up sleeping bags for my girls… I always love doing that.


This summer my notebook is blue and I reduced the reward money to $1 (Jamaican) (we’re all on a budget these days). It’s also empty and ready for pages of new gifts!


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