monday gifts


Thankful for… 

peonies this week! And how they make me think of my grandma.

rain often falling, the land drinking it in, a blessing.

being reminded of the unfinished novel one of my good friends in high school and I co-authored. Yes it did involve a hot air balloon.


when my friends call and text me asking me to proof read, give ideas, help them write things. I enjoy that!

a crazy week of walking and driving all over campus, bearing snacks and delivering forms and getting signatures for a conference my work puts on.

how God knows what I need before I need it and before I even ask.


kitchens and backyards.

that there is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

when a shift looks more like a comedy routine and it works so much better that way. I had fun being a caregiver last week!


when I tried to turn off the candle and blow out the light bulb.. a special moment for sure.

each and every night in my own bed, hot shower, and quiet moment with no one asking me a question… stocking up on them because starting next week, camp!

how much I really do love short nights in a squeaky bunk bed, camp showers (few & far between & fast & with either wayyy too much water pressure or a mere dribble & maybe hot water maybe not), and the constant stream of questions from the little cute persons hovering around me.


pie. orange julius. friends. games.

blackberry tea. cousins. their creativity. phase 10. yawning. 

summer arts festival. that there is food there. things that made us laugh. 



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