Lazy Girl Memorizes

A couple years ago, I did a 31-day memory challenge. A chapter in a month. You can read about it here.

This summer, I have a new goal: memorize Romans 8! 


Circumstances that are oh-so-convenient: 

  • The Friday mornings, 6 a.m. memory group I have alluded to. Add this to my list of “things I said I’d never do” and also to the “things I’m 100% glad I did” list. The convenient thing is.. I hijacked the group. The first week I went, I mentioned something about how I wanted to memorize Romans 8. Several others chimed in, “I like Romans 8,” “I want to memorize Romans 8,” “I’m memorizing Romans 8 this summer with my mom” and next thing you know, the group has abandoned it’s previous verse plan and jumped on board with mine! Ah ha!
  • I’ll hear it a zillion times this summer at camp, from the mouths of kiddos. It’s the chapter the campers will be memorizing/Bible Quizzing over this year. (Which is why I chose it in the first place.)

Memorization methods that are also convenient & basically easy: 

  • Reading the verses before I go to sleep at night. Really does cement them in my brain. (Click on the link to read a goofy car pun, a rambling story of sleep/memory, and some research on the topic.) 
  • Walking + quoting. Just like 15 minutes at a time. Makes a huge difference in how much gets into my memory.
  • Using the audio Bible on my phone to listen or quote along with.
  • Using this tool, seriously, i s w a t (it’s so wonderful and tremendous)!
  • And, obviously, having that moment once a week where I either say some verses, or I don’t, in front of 6 other women holding coffee cups. Of course there is totally grace for if I don’t but that accountability is downright helpful.

And the easiest one, I haven’t gotten around to actually doing yet, but I will (maybe): 

  • Writing the verses down and taping them where I’ll see them often. That’s all. You must experience it to believe it.

I’m excited about this!! Summer is a good time in which to memorize something! Hint, hint! Maybe even a whole entire chapter, way more doable than it seems, I promise. 


2 thoughts on “Lazy Girl Memorizes

    • Hi Jen! Yes.. well.. sometimes it seems totally doable, too easy really, and then other times, too hard! But I have the feeling I’ll be really familiar with that awesome chapter by the end of summer. Hope so. 🙂 ~Frances

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