the cupcake/graduation weekend


This past Thursday evening we made the drive to Western NE in good time, managing to avoid hitting deer or getting stuck in the washed-out portions of the road we weren’t supposed to take. (A recurring theme when road trips + Val’s house is involved.)


Friday we got up, had coffee & English muffins, drove into town, spent a very non-city amount of time at the bank (while waiting I read alll the auction announcements & some locally authored/awkwardly self photographed children’s book about 3 Yorkie puppies and Christmas??), went to The grocery store for a few things, then finally converged on the church youth center where we would be baking.


(I say we, but it was mostly Val, of course.)


A shameful amount of butter was used. Valerie put my Christmas present to good use (the big ole bag of local flour) as well as her shiny new Kitchenaid mixer.


I wrote out labels and assembled the cupcake stands. You can find a how-to on Annie’s Eats (as well as most of the cupcake recipes we used, what can we say, we like Annie). The class colors were orange & pink in memory of Michael and Katie.


2013-05-10_15-31-05_999 2013-05-10_17-58-39_934

Have cupcakes, will travel.

Kinds of cupcakes we made:
Strawberry Lemon
Boston Cream Pie
Strawberry Cheesecake
{about 150 total}

(I always have fun w/ Val’s neice & nephew! And the rest of her family for that matter!)

Saturday was the graduation. It actually wasn’t too long but contained all the necessary, slightly cheesy elements of a small town graduation. (General rule: the fewer the graduates, the longer the graduation. Even homeschool. Especially homeschool.)

At the reception, I stole bites of Kay’s chocolate cupcake but I was worried we’d run out so I didn’t eat any more then. But I did get seconds of Val’s grandma’s potato salad.. c’mon son. So good. The cupcakes were a big hit and it all turned out pretty great!


(Check out Val’s blog about the weekend here.)


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