The King’s Emmylou

Trying to get rid of the misconceptions that my friends and I are “too serious”/”too mature”/”too intellectual”/”too good at accurate texting” etc.

5/5/2013, 3:30 P.M. 

Me: Both of the Pacific street possums died last night.

Anonymous Friend: Oh sad… I think we’re gonna go see Irwin man at 550 I’d you wanna join

Me: Lamest movie ever…

AF: Perhaps. It’s all about adding rashes. I meant sting rays. Stupid phone is sure retraining. Entertaining.

Me: Needs to be retrained.

AF: So that’s a yes? No? Maybe? Taco?

Me: Sorry, i got caught up in the “Emmylou language” of it all. Meaning of course “English language.” I’m going to my aunt’s tonight.

AF: I figured, no worries! Just thought I’d ask ya. Emmylou.

Me: String rays.


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