monday gifts


thankful for… 

moments with quiet in them.

crazy grad season, yet again. But I am thankful, I love celebrating these friends & cheering them on!


a handmade card for my red-house-roommate Hanner, the super nurse!

running into my old professor and adviser, sharing a lemon bar with them, getting multiple hugs & catching up.

the words “no” and “I can’t”… I majorly dislike these words! But I have been very aware of the sacrifice of saying “yes” to things.. they mean I must say no to others and miss out on good things. It has been hard on me even though I know it’s necessary and worth it.

things that are overwhelming.

days I don’t looove being a caregiver. I have them sometimes.

a long phone call with Joe. He is a God-given brother and we are on each other’s team.


Eli the lion-dog.

cranberry apple cake.. I think I finally found the perfectly balanced ingredients magic.

late night chat with 2 friends of Val’s and mine from high school. We were all Bible quiz teammates, as well as did camp and other things. They were in town for one night only so we yawned and just kept talking! Also in attendance: Brett the blanket & John Wayne the blanket. (No yawning from them, they have issues with showing weakness.)




4 thoughts on “monday gifts

  1. Eggthoughts,

    “Moments with quiet in them” and cheering on graduates… yes, I like those too. 🙂

    Re your comment on my post “Running in My head Like a Memory,” about the moment in the car with my mom, those are some of the most memorable times, huh?

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Jennifer Dougan

    • What am I, some sister who would willingly slave away in the kitchen to make something delicious for her visiting brother and sis???….. YES. 🙂

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