On Saturday I was able to host a get-together in my home for several Omaha area ladies-writers, bloggers, readers, dreamers. We are connected through the incourage website which is part of Dayspring. The “inRL” thing stands for “in real life”, which is basically like an amazing conference that comes to you. It sounds strange to explain, but when you actually see it happening it makes perfect sense and is truly wonderful! There were 6,000 women tuned in around the world, in places like Singapore & Australia, & Nebraska!

The theme was “beach house” and as you can see I had a lot of fun with that! It never fails that I enjoy decorating for a party and possibly going overboard with it all. At one point I said to myself, “Now, this is a beach house that has been around for a while, it’s not like a new beach house” ….and that is when I knew I was probably crazy. (Bless my roommate’s long-suffering heart!) 


I prepared an icebreaker but had to interrupt multiple conversations to get it started- in other words the ice was already broken, or never there to start with!
What fun, amazing, beautiful women! It was an honor to have them come to my house. We had plenty of differences, but at the heart level, so much in common! It was sweet to connect with them!

We sipped lemonade, we laughed a lot, we talked a lot, we watched & discussed several of the inRL videos together. It’s hard to describe the inspirational, encouraging environment that was there between sisters in Christ. What a gift.
I used shells collected from my travels to Jamaica and some that Dad gave me from his trip to Israel, plus an amazing/scary amount of glass containers that I collected from around the house.
Mason jars, of course, and I stuck those little doilies on with a few drops of hot glue, which peels right off when you’re done. “How easy is that?” as our dear friend Ina might say. Fabulous.
Everyone brought delicious food to share! There was some hype built up around Amy’s chocolate cake, and it did not disappoint! 🙂
Fantastic gifts from Dayspring to give the ladies!
PicMonkey Collage
These favors are the product of snow days this winter, as are many of the other crafty decorations. (Anchors: like 20 cents from the craft store, plus paint & twine, plus a great verse, and you’re done!)  
I spied myself in the welcome video! And then this is me standing in the same spot after it was all said and done, happy to have taken part in (in)RL for the second year!



14 thoughts on “(in)RL

  1. Frances! Just so much wow here. What a beautiful, thoughtful meetup. I Adore your beachy decor and couldn’t agree more that (in)courage is a well worn, well loved beach house. Nothing brand new about it 🙂 I love that I got to meet you and that welcome video of (in)RL? Something about seeing all your faces just gets me every time and I cry. I love this. Nebraska now holds a very special place in my heart!


    • Lisa-Jo! You are too kind & encouraging! It’s gotta stop. 🙂 Thank you, thank you. And I agree about the welcome video.. there is something so special about it! Like the very opposite of those commercials where it says at the bottom, “these are paid actors, not real doctors” or whatever. Real women, real hearts!
      Thanks for coming over and commenting! ~Frances

  2. Enjoyed reading the account of the “In real life” get together and enjoyed the great pics! Keep being the great blessing you are to me and to so many!! Love, Dad

    • Thank you, Dad! And congrats on leaving a comment! I always love your feedback, whether through email or this way. 🙂 Love you! ~Franny

    • Thank you! You’re so nice to say that! I’m glad you came by. I’m heading right now to read about your meetup! 🙂 ~Frances

  3. It was my first in{RL} and Frances was an *amazing* hostess! We were all so different, your so united in our hearts. It was a lovely get together at the beach. 🙂

    • You’re so sweet Bridget! And I agree about the united hearts part. That was so neat. 🙂 And so was meeting you! ~Frances

  4. It was my first in{RL} and Frances was an *amazing* hostess! We were all so different, yet so united in our hearts. It was a lovely get together at the beach. 🙂

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