monday gifts


Today I’m thankful for the funny parts of my weekend: 

The part where my little old lady stopped in the middle of Panera, slowly and carefully bent over, picked up a penny, looked at it, then put it in her shoe. Cute.

The part where Joe relayed the funny illustration Dad used during his talk at Joe’s ordination. It was one of those that until the punch line, you’re sitting there awkwardly wondering “where is this going??” Oh my word.. Father! You are funny. 

The part when Hanna was telling a story, and Val from her angle thought that Hanner’s hand was my hand, gesturing along with the story, touching her face, messing with her hair, etc. We laughed profusely over that one!

The part where we were listening to music in the van and watching my uncle’s face react to the lyrics. (We were stuck behind a tractor at this point which made me miss life on the plains! Yes it did.)

The part where Caleb sang, “wasting away in old-lady-ville” to the tune of the Jimmy Buffet song. I can’t even remember what we were all talking about but that made me laugh!

The part where I kept replaying the same 10 seconds of a video I found that Eli had made on my phone.. let’s just say he yawns, out of nowhere J sings a line from The Prince of Egypt, and Eli’s face as he reacts… so very them.


I’m also thankful for oatmeal waffles, qdoba, donuts before church, being able to help, finishing a book that had me totally confused (in a good way) as to how it would play out, 1 Samuel, an attack of the allergies, music & kitchens. 




2 thoughts on “monday gifts

    • hi Jennifer! Thank you! And thanks for coming by, I’m glad you did! 🙂 Qdoba is a resturant, similar to Chipotle.

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