it’s the same all over the world

Those bearing the name of Frances/Francis are joke-tellers. Their friends roll their eyes, cover their faces, or laugh heartily. But no matter the reception, a Frances must seize the opportunity to “be funny”, and when that happens, the joy inside their heart knows no bounds. We can’t help ourselves, people.

Whenever his team would come into my quiz site, he would look at me and say, “Good morning, Miss Frances!” and I’d reply, “Good morning, Mr. Francis!” in the same slightly knowing but overwhelmingly happy way. Members of the Frances club know a kindred spirit when they see one. 

Just look at the face of Mr. Francis as he makes his joke:


All over the world, that face means: “I’m ridiculous, and I know it… and I secretly love it.”


4 thoughts on “it’s the same all over the world

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