happy birthday

One afternoon we finished up with our quiz practice early, and had about 45 minutes left before our van came to pick us up. The littlest kiddos at this school were done for the day, running around the playground until their parents came to pick them up. So what was there to do but play with them while we all waited?
This little guy was sitting on 1/3 of his swing, birthday hat still on his head from a party that day. He looked at me, I looked at him, then I asked if he wanted a push. He did, of course!  I started doing the silly things I always do with kids on swings.. pretend he was about to hit me, then get startled and jump out of the way in a goofy manner, stuff like that. He ate it up! He was laughing so fervently I thought he would fall off the swing!

All the big world around us forgotten; what mattered was swinging high & laughing hard. An overindulgence of happy. When I tell someone “happy birthday” I wish I could pass along the very same joy contained in that moment- it would be the best present ever!

(*Top 3 photos were taken by Emma, one of the awesome teens on the trip.)


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