In the studio: Jamaica travel journal


2013-02-15_08-55-08_52013-02-15_08-56-38_925 2013-02-15_08-55-40_820
2013-02-15_08-54-51_660 2013-02-15_08-54-04_243

(That last little sketch was done when we were at the nice beach (tourist one as opposed to the little public one right by our guest house) after I had been incapacitated by a baby sea urchin. Or an amputee sea urchin. Or a lazy sea urchin that decided I was only worth one spine.)

Happy Friday! 🙂



8 thoughts on “In the studio: Jamaica travel journal

    • Oh thank you! 🙂 I know, I love little books like this too.. They fit my style pretty well! And I do understand the jealous feeling, right now is when it feels like winter will never end!

  1. i love this!! what a wonderful keepsake of your trip… and what a trip!! you left this cold weather for some beautiful weather! lucky you! 😉

    • I know.. the trip just happens to fall at the BEST time to take a break from Nebraska! When I flew back, i was up high in the sunshine and blue sky.. then we descended into thick grey clouds, and sure enough, landed in Omaha. 😛
      But the trip was just awesome, I know I’ll enjoy looking back through this book to remember it.

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