mornings in mobay

5:45 ish a.m. begin to hear the sounds of dueling roosters.
6:00 wake up. Hope that the first minute of the shower will be at least lukewarm.
6:30 grab my stuff, walk down the stairs, across the yard, stop in the dining room for Blue Mountain coffee, go out the gate, look both ways (right first), cross the road, sit on the sea wall, have quiet time by the ocean. (YEAH) (the ocean). Read my Bible. Look out at boats or the fog over the river mouth. Say good morning to joggers & folks as they go by.
 7:15 walk back up to the room, make sure Kalyn the other girls are up, sit around talking with them, get everything together for the day.
7:30 breakfast with my group. Maybe eggs, toast, cornmeal porridge, juice, and a bowl of fresh fruit (pineapple, mango, pineapple, papaya, pineapple!, banana, melon). Eat & talk while sitting at tables with chairs that are too close together. Help sweep or do dishes.2013-02-07_07-02-30_122
8:00 a rush of activity as everyone makes sure we have everyone & everything. Billy (our driver & a wonderful friend to us over the years) arrives. We load up in the van, count people, chatter & joke & look out the windows & ask questions as we drive.
8:30-9:30ish we split into two groups and get dropped off at different schools. Meet the principal, find the teacher who is the quiz coach, speak with them, they gather the students and chairs and find a room and we set up and run a quiz practice! It’s a blast. Some of the group will go help in classrooms or talk to kids on break or play football with them.
To summarize my mornings last week:
Good food.
Bible Quizzing.
Not bad. 


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