just me


This picture is beautiful & inspirational. I love it.

But it also kinda intimidates me. It looks like I know what I’m doing, and I’m doing it perfectly, and everything’s going great, and I’m doing what one is supposed to do on a missions trip, and I’m a pretty amazing perfect person!

Why don’t I feel like that today? (Did I even feel like it that day? No. But it looks like I did.) 

Fortunately I don’t have to look far to be reminded that it’s just me:

25410_603332659983_5508420_n 533032_450620744983266_1759546093_n

Just me, who is allergic to mosquitoes sometimes, looks weird in photos most times, and has hair that goes insane in humidity all times. Yes, hopefully there will be moments that are “awesome picture level.” But that’s not a standard I have to live up to!

God picks me, just everday me, to go to far away places with Him sometimes. He is the one who knows what He’s doing and has got it all together. Not me. Definitely not. Sigh of relief. 

(Last two photos courtesy of Mark, one of my extra younger brother types who captures the loveliest candid photos of people.)


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