monday gifts


thankful for… 

strength for the moment.


rest, and remembering. 2013-01-27_15-50-13_996

sitting in a row with 4 other faithful, amazing caregivers at Miss Trish’s funeral. It’s meant the world over the past three years to chat, help, share tips, share burdens, give hugs, and simply know I am not alone in this.

how she used to take handfuls of mints whenever we went out to eat and stuff our purses with them. Funny little memory and yes I did the same thing leaving the restaurant after the funeral. 🙂

amazing grace.

how sweet the family was to recognize, include & thank the caregivers. That is not always the case, so it was very meaningful.  2013-01-27_12-18-25_864

comfort & encouragement just from being with family & friends. As usual they lift my spirits and make me Laugh! 2013-01-26_21-10-18_991

Karen’s arm under Shirley’s, Shirley’s hand on my shoulder, my hand on hers, huddled in the drizzle at the graveside service. (They are two stellar caregivers I truly love a lot & want to be just like someday.) 2013-01-27_17-00-54_829

an awesome care package from a friend who knows I love mail deeply.

more than I needed, and then extra on top of that, coming in to help send me to Jamaica. God keeps telling me, “I don’t want you to shoulder any extra burdens even though I know you like to.” [Busted.] I am a little overwhelmed by that.

in other words, my cup overflows; I receive more than I need for even the saddest times, arranged by my loving Father. Grateful.2013-01-27_17-00-28_367


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