In the studio: fall photo book & a little outburst about garden veggies


I have been slowly working on a little project using photos I took this past fall. It was such a great season and I’ve had a lot of fun remembering what I did! And maybe it’s just cause we’re in the middle of grey ole January but I can’t get over the colors. Nature has colors in it! I almost forgot.


Also, I’ve obviously had a lot of fun with some new pens I got. I like writing directly on photos!


Oh my word… just looking at that tomato makes me want to cry. We brought those back from Val’s parent’s house in western NE and they were like priceless treasure! I hoarded them! And had a steady diet of bacon & mayo & tomato sandwiches, maybe with a little fresh basil.. or just slices & slices & slices of tomato, with a little salt. Being raised on garden fresh veggies ruined me kindof, I got used to the real deal and it’s hard to settle.. so when I get something that amazing… words fail. So good.

Anyways! That took a turn. But yes. Creativity. Photo book. Tomatoes. The end!



6 thoughts on “In the studio: fall photo book & a little outburst about garden veggies

  1. Your photos are gorgeous, Frances! Do you print them yourself or get them printed? I love the rounded corners… again, do you do that?! Couldn’t agree more about getting spoiled on garden fresh veggies. There is just no comparison! 😉

    • Thank you Jennifer! I get them printed.. usually keep an eye out for a good deal or coupon code and then get a bunch printed at once! 🙂 I use snapfish and shutterfly, sometimes walgreens. And yes, I recently got a fiskars corner rounder, and now I’m going a little crazy with it! Wondering why I didn’t get one a long time ago! lol. Anything with a corner needs to watch out!!

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