making tracks

When I was home for Christmas, I took a walk in the snow. Jennifer had put up a neat picture of tracks in the snow, and I got inspired to find some myself!
Of course I had a furry cowdog tag along. He should have been ashamed at the number of rabbit tracks everywhere, but he wasn’t.

Whenever we overlapped ourselves I thought of Winne-the-Pooh and Piglet, tracking Woozles around the larch spinney!

When I was very little, I did a 4-H project with my mom, making plaster casts of various animal tracks in the Mississippi woods. Another memorable day was when Eli and I tracked the outlaw raccoon that was killing all our ducks & chickens at camp. We followed the signs all over the place, finally ending up at the old abandoned shed where it must have been hiding out. (The outcome is really another story for another time!)
There were loops and zig-zags all over the place, made by baby foxes!
Our county road.


2 thoughts on “making tracks

    • Thanks! Yes, we actually call him a “purple heeler” just cause he’s a red and blue heeler mix. 🙂 He is kinda a dork but we like him!

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