monday gifts


thankful for…

being pretty stocked up on sunsets for a while.


a cute little lady to watch football with. 🙂


having so many thank-you’s to write… I’m more than funded for my Jamaica missions trip in February!!!

that feeling that I should be getting off a plane, stepping out into a humid day, setting up and tearing down quiz sites, looking into a 4th grader’s glowing eyes as they tell me a verse… it’s about that time and I’m excited!


a fresh focus as I’m starting out this new year.


a “Psychathon”, complete with amazing food and great friends and cozy blankets.

encouragement from my family. A conversation the other day reminded me how I’ve always been supported and cheered on by my parents & family in whatever I do. They ask wise questions & give advice but I’ve never been limited, criticized or held back from following God wherever He leads me. That kind of trust & respect is a real gift!

a new day. 


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