Around my house at Christmas, 2012

I’m joining up with the Nester and a bunch of other fun people to give a little tour of my home at Christmas! Our decorations always tend toward the goofy, homemade, colorful side. And we love it that way. 

Let’s get right to it: the tree! Last year we had a gigantic cardboard star on top that always tilted forward, so we called it the “Lady Liberty” tree. This year I gave my roommate a funny little loofah thing as a Christmas present, since she was the Cookie Monster for Halloween one memorable year, and we randomly stuck it on top of the tree and ta-da!! It makes us smile. 



Keeping it simple this year. I didn’t even make any 3-D snowflakes. Just boring normal ones. I’ve been too busy!! 
We had a Home Alone party so this is what our table looked like for a while and it made me really proud of myself: 2012-12-14_11-49-49_784
More Christmas goofiness: 

Thanks for coming by! Have a very Merry Christmas!

(Last year’s Christmas scene, 1 & 2)


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