Sunday morning snow (tuesdays unwrapped)

Frozen and fluffy, the snowflakes dropped to the worn ground outside the doors of the elementary school where my church meets on Sundays. Some of the flakes never made it to the earth, dissolving instead on the tongues of the crazy kids who always run around after service.
In class with the 4 & 5 year-olds that morning, yes, in an elementary classroom with pictures of the presidents and scribbled-on desks (some bad words, but surprisingly a lot of nice things like “never forget you are special”) we made tiara crown things with a star on them. Standing tall watching the kids & snow was Mr. Prepared (husband to Mrs. Wikipedia, I know them best by these names from a skit they used to do) and he was sporting one if the yellow paper tiaras. I laughed.
And as I looked out at the scene through the hallway windows, I froze to take it in: the sheer joy, the flake-tasting children, the peace of the snow, quiet and new.

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