monday gifts

Thankful for… 


a really fun time going from house to house enjoying deliciousness & fellowship with others from my church! In the words of my pastor, it’s the “Mount Rushmore” of our church…?? Not totally sure what that means but I agree! Val & I did our usual thing where we thoughtfully plotted out our route/order of business. She drew a very nice map complete with gold stars. It was all wonderful and we had a blast!

(people who had instagram put up pictures from the different houses with that hashtag, really entertaining. And Dad, I’m sorry for including that nonsensical sentence!) 


finishing up the night lounging around the Christmas tree, exhausted but on a definite sugar high from all the goodies, smothered by Val’s laundry warm from the dryer, remembering funny stories from our spring break missions trips, together with Anna and Val. And of course laughing. A lot.


getting my Advent journal for this year semi put together!


a fun night babysitting some cute little boys!

cheerful, giving people.

a head full of ideas.

surviving a very long week of work. This one wore me out! I was in bed at umm.. 6:30 on Wednesday night. Yep.

Christmas music.

homemade soup & cornbread.


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