the night [the] lights [went out] in [Georgia] Hazen, Arkansas

On my journey down South with Dad, we stopped at an Exxon station in Hazen, Arkansas. Walking up to the gas station I got a bit distracted and confused by the big row of porta-potties outside. Signs on the bathroom doors cleared everything up by saying, “Yes, our bathrooms work, and also there are porta-potties outdoors” or something.

The bathrooms were the type where it was just one room, no stalls, you lock the door when you go in, you know. I opened the door and was about to turn the light on when I realized…

the light was on. Lights. Night lights.

Once my eyes adjusted, I looked up to see a florescent light fixture in the ceiling, minus bulbs, but plus an electric cord dangling down, connected with a night light, and then there was another night light plugged in to the wall.

This was the lighting situation.

Maybe it’s some sort of “hazing” ritual for out of towners… get it? Cause the town name is Hazen.. say it in a Southern accent and it sounds like hazing… yes? I couldn’t not say that. So. Yeah. If it was, I survived it. Gotta admit though, it was a bit shocking at first. Ok I’ll stop now.  

It was beautiful because on one hand, it looked like a “tide us over”, quick fix type deal. And on the other hand it looked really permanent.

Thank you Arkansas!


5 thoughts on “the night [the] lights [went out] in [Georgia] Hazen, Arkansas

    • hahah, yeah I know what you mean.. even though I know that driving by on the highway is not a great way to get an accurate idea of a place, sometimes it’s hard to not just add to the stereotype! Dead armadillos on the side of the road every 20 feet, trailer home businesses with big signs like “21st Century Satellite Dishes” .. these were all other things I saw on the trip!

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