With the holiday season coming up, and lots of cookie/food/treat related things going on, I thought I would share this cautionary tale from my life. Maybe it will help you avoid making the same mistake.

At work there was a bake sale. I decided to make some small talk with the lady who was working at it because she seemed bored. I said, “Oh my goodness, these are some.. good-looking… goodies..” Unable to look her in the eye anymore, I hung my head and mumbled something and hurried away.

Replay, in slow-motion, with commentary:

my mouth said: “Oh my goodness,” <—- my brain said, “WHAT??? You still have to use “good” later in this sentence!”

my mouth, continuing on: “these are some.. good-looking” <—- brain: “!!! Seriously??? That makes two unnecessary uses of “good”– SAY SOMETHING ELSE I beg you!!

my mouth finished with: “….. goodies..” <—- brain: “… [silence].”

So friends, spend some time with a thesaurus, take notes, do whatever it takes. Because “say this instead!” moments come to us all.


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