monday gifts

thankful for… 

a safe drive, and a really great time in Mississippi visiting family & friends.


a fun game of apples to apples with my crazy cousins!


the chance to be in this big room filled with amazing women from my church, singing together about God’s goodness. I traveled there with 2 especially amazing women, Anna & Val, wow am I ever thankful for them.


a chance to see some old friends! They were camping overnight at a Chickfila opening in our town, because that’s what they do… and Val & I took them cinnamon rolls and candy… because that’s what we do.


good times spent raking leaves with Dad & Mamaw, the beautiful old oak trees in her yard, the porch swing, the acorns & pecans on the ground.


introducing my highly competitive aunts and uncles to a few new games. Oh my. Hilarious.


Mamaw’s cookin. You just can’t beat it.

being greeted with: “Welcome back, stranger!” from one of my clients.. it’s nice to be missed. 🙂

a pastor who speaks with conviction.

so much to do. Ugh. Feeling a little overwhelmed.



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