31 Fall Leaves

I like taking pictures of leaves. I don’t think that comes as a shock to anyone. I never seem to get tired of leaves. Leaves are what I’ve always doodled, always painted, always taken pictures of.

At the “arboretum” near my house (I never knew that word until I moved here), the parks I walk through,

the fields of home in Colorado, or in Mississippi, or in Jamaica, wherever; I somehow end up with all these pictures of leaves.

It just never gets boring! Maybe I am easily entertained. But those little pieces of God’s creative work just kinda fascinate me!

Last year I took on the challenge of memorizing a chapter in a month– which was a really cool experience! I enjoyed seeing what other people came up with as well. I learned inspiring new things and made some friends!

This year I am celebrating fall & leaves & taking goofy little pictures. I’ll be exploring my stomping grounds in Nebraska and even taking a trip to Mississippi. Each day I’ll share one leaf, one picture. Simple as that.

Bon voyage! -Frances

Go here to see a list of each day.

Other 31 Days I’ll be reading (to name a few!): 31 Days of Grace through Trials, 31 Days of Jokes, 31 Days to Hush, and 31 Days to Crazy Joy. Go here to see the Nester & alot of other 31 Days folks!


3 thoughts on “31 Fall Leaves

    • thanks friend! You are always so encouraging! And yes I do enjoy the leaves.. especially being on the eastern end of the state where there are slightly more of them! And they don’t all exist as part of a windbreak! lol 🙂

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