My favorite Pinterest board

Recently at my aunt & uncle’s house we had a conversation about living wills, end of life choices, senior issues, etc.. you know, just casual things like that. Anyway it reminded me that I wanted to write about my favorite Pinterest board!

Today I want to introduce you to my pride and joy, in Pinterest land anyway. (I feel like that could be a board game.. like Candy Land only adapted to be Pinterest themed.. the Molasses swamp could be a failed DIY project or something.. take that and run with it Val!) 

This board was inspired by …. well, all the people who plan their weddings on Pinterest.* Especially the ones* who aren’t actually at the “planning a wedding in real life” stage yet, ya know what I mean?* I just kept seeing sooo much wedding stuff that at one point it got to me. It made me a little crazy. Hence this board was born.

“Someday… *my dream funeral*” is a random collection of interesting and funny funeral/death type things. 

For instance.

Oh yeah!

To view the rest of the board, things like gummy bear funerals, death cakes, and “Goodbye Kitty: Pet Funeral Services”, click here. 

*DisclaimerIf this is you, just remember that I have a strange & weird sense of humor and pleease don’t be offended!! Same goes for if the death humor in this post rubs you the wrong way, I do apologize. I am a fan of people posting all sorts of DIY wedding crafts and stuff, I don’t mind it, really. I am also a fan of Pinterest and for the most part take it very, very seriously! (Well kinda.) Most of all, I am a fan of delicious flavour. Thank you.


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